The Kersheh Group does not solely stand for outstanding sleep wear and quality but we also stand for passion and company wide shared core values. We strive to live up to social responsibility and to building a great community with a healthy environment. Not only is family the centerpiece of our lives, but we also want to safeguard the community that we are living in. Therefore, we are happy to do more, do better and always do good.





Here at The Kersheh Group we are committed to delivering outstanding quality and value to our customers and brand partners.

Our products are designed with the consumer in mind, which is why our design and marketing teams are constantly aiming to bring the latest innovations in fabrics and styling from all over the world into our products and our operations team strives for excellence by working to surpass customer expectations everyday.

And of course we are constantly performing rigorous quality assessments to assure the great quality of our products.   




Nothing is more important to us than product safety.

We have decades of experience designing and producing safe, compliant and comfortable children's apparel. We ensure elevated levels of compliance standards for health, safety and environmental regulations throughout all phases of the product life cycle.

We have close working relationships with Health Canada and the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission and our factories are compliant with the major North American retailers and global brand licencors. Moreover, we regularly conduct monitoring programs that include announced and unannounced inspections by our in-country teams.